Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Practice Run by Grégoire Bouguereau

It was in the winter of 2013 that I came across this heart wrenching photo from Grégoire Bouguereau. It was selected as the wildlife photo of the year 2012 by National History Museum and it was showcased in an exhibition I attended. The frightened calf in a hopeless run for life is haunting and reminds us of the cruel order of the nature. The cheetah cubs probably not only devoured the calf but also "learned to kill" it until it actually lost the hope of freedom and died. I think that is what hurts more; its not the death itself, its the way.

Practice Run, Photo Credit: Grégoire Bouguereau

The photo left my bones cold and I actually ended up sketching it when I came back from the exhibition. I should have avoided keeping the sketch under other pieces of paper as you can see the smudges and yellowing of the paper on the edges. Now it finds itself organized safely in a nice display file in my portfolio folder.

Sketch of the photo on 16x12cm Paper
Do check out other stunning wildlife photographs of this photographer on his website

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