Friday, June 17, 2016

Learning Exercise: Will Kemp

It's been two years I started sketching. However the sketching stints were quite sporadic. For months I didn't touch any pencils and they lay there in dust. All the time, I have been enjoying the paintings from Van Gogh, but recently stumbled upon on other painters like Cezanne and Monet. Week ago, we visited Lenbachhaus in Munich. The portraits, landscapes and other abstracts painting in the museum charmed me to the depth. To observe the daubs of paints they left upon the canvas is such a delightful visual experience. It might sound a cliche but I admit that it really felt my mind with some unexplainable poignant feelings.

Anyway, it was Christmas and Franzi gifted me some acrylics, brushes and canvases after seeing me drool all over the paintings of these guys. I sat down, googled some instruction as usual (just like The Eye) and came upon this artist Will Kemp and his cool tutorials:
After 2.5 hours of patience, here is the end result:

Acrylics on paper. 18x24 cm
Of course his color mixes, brush strokes and shades are way finely executed; but instead of being unnecessarily modest I'd say it doesn't look like a bad attempt ;)

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